Kieffer Ultrasoft® Amy Double Bridle


The Kieffer Ultrasoft® Amy Double Bridle fitted with a crank flash noseband primarily considers the highest level of comfort for the sensitive horse’s head with all its facial nerves and blood vessels. The successfully applied concept of anatomic Kieffer Snaffle Bridles is now also available as an exclusive double bridle model. The anatomically shaped crownpiece ‘Comfort’ with its butter-soft contact surface and its cut-back at the ear ensures gentle pressure distribution on the poll. The likewise softly padded, anatomically shaped noseband with its rounded cut fits perfectly on the horse’s head and leaves out the sensitive nerves effectively. The elegantly curved patent leather noseband and the browband adorned with white crystals create a WOW effect in dressage arena.

  • Made of soft quality leather
  • Crownpiece ‘Comfort’ and noseband are softly padded
  • Anatomically designed patent leather noseband
  • Cheek pieces and reins with French hooks
  • Curved browband adorned with white crystals
  • Chrome buckles
  • Comes with leather reins


  • black / black lining


  • Crank flash


  • Full
  • Cob

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