Leather is a natural product. With proper leather care, it offers a long service life in the most diverse uses. Soft and pleasant in the touch, it is supple yet hard-wearing and breathable.

kieffer quality products are made from cowhide originating mainly from Italy and Germany. The leather is vegetable-tanned. This means that only natural and environmentally easily degradable tanning agents may be used to make the hides durable, supple and tension-proof. It takes very sophisticated and time-consuming processing methods to produce leather which meets the high quality requirements.

Premium leather, first-class workmanship and long durability 

As premium manufacturers of quality leather products we feel not only committed towards our customers to produce according to the most advanced ecological principles and methods, we must, of course, also comply with relevant EU directives. Process-related qualities such as leather thickness, color and surface must meet certain DIN standards, just as must the mechanical properties of the leather, e.g. tensile strength, stitch tear strength or the folding endurance.

For years, we have used only high-grade European hides to ensure that kieffer quality products meet these exacting quality requirements.

Advantages of a leather saddle

  • Leather is a natural material, very abrasion-resistant and hard-wearing
  • Leather saddles are breathable and skin-compatible – with positive effect on rider and horse alike
  • Quality leather feels supple, soft and flexible
  • With proper care, a leather saddle is extremely long-lasting




SECU® is a fabric which is firmly established in the marketplace as an alternative to leather. The main reasons for its success are its extreme sturdiness and durability. Moreover, this special synthetic fiber material is water-repellent and breathable – ideal for everyday use on the horse. For the care of kieffer SECU® products, no special care products are required – cleaning with a damp cloth is all it takes.


Stainless Steel

kieffer uses 100% rustproof fittings and buckles. They come in matching colors according to model, either in chrome or brass colored finish. We do not use cheap iron hardware.

left: Roller buckle, right: Patented Roller buckle with elastomer strap (Registered design 202010004353.0, Patent 1142499)