Saddle Fit


Awarded Best Educational Program of 2016 at the EQUUS Film Festival Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider Program is a 4-hour DVD learning experiences for equestrians and equine caregivers worldwide.

This in-depth program cover western, endurance, hunter/jumper and dressage saddles. It describes the different saddle options and what they mean for both horse and rider. It talks about what to expect from a saddle fitter and how to fit the rider and horse.

The program goes to the Tufts Veterinary College to learn the skeletal/muscular anatomy of the horse's back, how saddles play a role in common medical conditions, and how those conditions are diagnosed and treated.
Throughout the program you get a history lesson of how saddle design and technology brought us to the high-level of saddle making we have today.

Buying or refitting a saddle is not only a daunting task, it is expense and you don’t want to make a mistake. This DVD will help you narrow the vast landscape of saddles down to the limited number that are appropriate for you and your horse. You get specific criteria to take the mystery out of the decision-making process.

What you learn in this 4-hour program:

  • Disc One - The Saddle: Surveys the myriad design options, explaining what each option means for the horse and the rider;
  • Disc Two - The Rider: Explains criteria to choose the right saddle for your body and riding discipline;
  • Disc Three - The Horse: Demonstrates fitting different body types and how the saddle’s design can minimize fitting issues;
  • Also on Disc Three - Beneath the Saddle: Skeletal and muscular anatomy of the back, identifying pain and soreness, diagnosing medical problems, and demonstrating current therapies.


Mouse Hole Farm Productions announces pre-release discounts on their new Advanced Equine Studies 3-Dsic DVD set, Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider, Including the Anatomy of the Back, Medical Problems, and Therapies. Priced at $38.95 for pre-release sales, you get 4-hours of carefully crafted education that will ship on or before July 25th.

Saddle designer Ron Friedson provides in-depth analysis of the art and science of saddle fit for both the horse and the rider. Ron holds many patents for his saddle technology, including the advanced flexible tree on his Pegasus jumping and dressage saddles. He describes fitting hunter/jumper, dressage, western, and endurance saddles. He then navigates through the seemingly endless options in saddle design available in today’s marketplace and focuses on those features that will guide riders to the saddle that will help make them safe, comfortable, and effective on their horses.

Advanced Equine Studies goes to the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University where Dr. Wade Tenney talks about the skeletal and muscular anatomy of the horse’s back and how it supports the saddle and rider. He takes us into the clinic to discuss common medical problems that occur in the horse’s back and how veterinarians diagnose and treat those problems.

Abigail Nemec, director of the equine studies at Post University, and trainer Mark Rarick team up with Ron and Wade to make complex issues easy to understand and pertinent to viewer needs.

Advanced Equine Studies programs are scheduled to cover all the horse’s bodily systems as well as other topics of interest. The Horse’s Respiratory System was awarded The Best Educational Program of 2015 at the EQUUS Film Festival last year. The Saddle Fit program was awarded Best Educational Program of 2016.
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Producer Andrea Steele says, “Our mission is to make learning about the horse at an advanced level fun to watch. Instead of viewing a TV rerun, you can view our DVDs and get a college-level education on each topic.” She continues, “Advanced Equines Studies programming empowers everyone to be better horse people by making education available to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME.”