Kieffer Priya Snaffle Bridle


The flash bridle Priya with conical designed noseband and anatomic crownpiece is made of finest high quality bridle leather.

All areas where pressure can arise are softly padded for more well-being. This snaffle bridle is available in two curved browband variations decorated with precious Kieffer Ultrashine® Crystals – optionally with fuchsia-coloured or with pink crystals and pearls.

  • Made of high quality bridle leather
  • Noseband fastens to the headpiece on both sides
  • Crownpiece and noseband are softly padded
  • Conical shaped noseband (Cob: outwards 25 mm, inwards 37 mm / Full: outwards 28 mm, inwards 40 mm)
  • Curved Fineline browband adorned with precious Kieffer Ultrashine® Pearls and Crystals
  • Chrome buckles
  • Comes with web reins


  • black / black lining


  • Flash


  • Full
  • Cob

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