Kieffer Softtech® Line Anouk Snaffle Bridle


The exclusive Softtech Line Anouk snaffle bridle with crank flash noseband is made of high-quality sheepskin. The headpiece and noseband are anatomically designed and softly padded for particularly gentle pressure distribution.

The special noseband design leaves out the sensitive facial nerves and avoids unpleasant pressure peaks or friction on the cheek bone. For riders who prefer a bridle without flash strap, this can be removed without leaving a trace. Besides its horse-friendly features, this bridle with its curved crystal browband and adornments in shiny metallic fish leather also is an optical highlight.

  • Made from high quality sheepskin
  • Headpiece and noseband are anatomically shaped and softly padded
  • Noseband fastens to the headpiece on both sides, integrated flash strap can be removed without a trace
  • Decorated with exclusive fish leather applications
  • Curved browband with white crystals
  • Chrome buckles
  • Comes with web reins


  • black / black lining


  • Crank flash


  • Full
  • Cob

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