Kieffer Ultrasoft® Unah Snaffle Bridle


Kieffer Ultrasoft® Unah is designed with the horses comfort in mind and combines comfort, flexibility and extremly soft leather.

It is fitted with Kieffer’s ‘Comfort’ crownpiece featuring a cut-back design at the ear. To further increase the comfort of your horse, the headpiece and noseband are padded with supersoft leather. The noseband contains additional buckles on the left and on the right side. This adjustment option supports a perfect fit. The bridle can be used as a snaffle bridle with or without the flash strap, which can be removed easily and without leaving an unsightly loop.

  • Made of extremely soft leather
  • Softly padded ‘Comfort’ crownpiece with cut-back design at the ear
  • Adjustable noseband with buckles on both sides
  • Noseband can be adjusted up to 2,5 cm on both sides
  • Flash noseband with fully removeable strap - without leaving an unsightly loop
  • Raised leather browband with straight cut
  • Chrome buckles
  • Comes with web reins


  • black / black lining
  • brown / brown lining


  • Cavesson Noseband
  • Flash with chin pad


  • Full
  • Cob

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