Kieffer Vera Snaffle Bridle


Our new Snaffle Bridle Vera is comfortable, functional and beautiful all at once! The headpiece with its’ wide, anatomic fit is cut away at the ear to allow for extra movement and to reduce poll pressure. To further increase comfort the headpiece, browband and noseband are softly padded. The combination of black and brown leather, cream-colored decorative stitching, raised design accents and other beautiful details such as the silver-colored loops make this bridle ideal for everyday or competition use.

  • Anatomically shaped headpiece with generous cut
  • Cut-back design at the ear
  • Straight raised browband with brown lining
  • Decorative stitching in cream detail
  • Noseband fastens to the headpiece on both sides for ease of fitting
  • Conical shaped noseband
  • Width of noseband Cob: 25 mm outwards, 37 mm inwards
  • Width of noseband Full: 28 mm outwards, 40 mm inwards
  • Softly padded
  • Chrome buckles and loops
  • Comes with web reins


  • black / brown lining


  • Flash with chin pad


  • Full
  • Cob

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